Pawtograph hunters at the ready Builder street’s next top model announced

Well it works for the oscars, the baftas and new season fashion premieres so what better way to launch our own brand nutraceuticals than having a gala evening of nibbles fizzy drink and mingling with some of the best looking models.



Thursday July 21st we had a little tea party to launch the range with crisps, schloer and most importantly tins of chappie! The dog stars came at 7 and once they had left the building it was time to put the cat in cat walk and we were joined by none other than Albie and White socks our very own Brad and Angelina. Without knowing they both came dressed in their best bow ties!

IMG_2007.JPGThey declined the chappie and held out for dreamies! Thank you to all their plus ones who took the time to bring them!



Some of our stars know their work is cut out for them Lucy the face and body of the joint care was happy to pose for photos but had to leave in disguise before being mobbed!


Tyson is the face of calm care but I think the power of his celeb status went to his head as he a bit amorous and trying it on with the ladies but on a positive the staff have already their own calm care tubs!


Albie Dudle Lucy Maddie Ted Tyson White Socks