We have been accredited cat friendly

Welcome to our newly accredited Cat Friendly Clinic!

Congratulations to Joy who has worked hard to help us gain a silver award and make the practice better for our feline friends.
Cats can become very anxious when taken out of their usual environment and this can make owners reluctant to seek veterinary attention when their cat needs it.

We at Holmes and Murphy Vets aim to reduce stress levels in cats and make their environment as welcoming as possible by providing:

  • separate dog and cat seating areas
  • cat-only appointment times
  • a cat-only hospitalisation room with feline-friendly cages
  • the best equipment to carry out any necessary procedures
  • staff trained to approach and handle cats sensitively and respectfully

The Cat Friendly Clinic programme aims to promote well-being and high standards of care for all cats visiting or being hospitalised in a veterinary clinic. By undertaking Cat Friendly Clinic accreditation, we have committed to delivering high standards of cat care and veterinary care with compassion and expertise. We are very proud to be one of only a handful of vets in Wales to gain the award.

For more information or to book in to see us please call 01492 878581 and speak to our Cat Advocate, Joy.  Find out more about International Cat Care and the Cat Friendly Clinic initiative at www.catfriendlyclinic.org. If you have any suggestions or questions for your cats please let us know. Every Friday we are publishing feline facts on our facebook page and you would be amazed how complex cats really are!

What better way to show how cat friendly we are than struggling to get a photo!


Joy with Spike