VIP Health Plan



Want to know more about our VIP (Very Important Pet) Health Plans?

Please find the answers to the most frequently asked questions below                                                                  .

  1. How much will I save?

The minimum saving you will make is:

  • Small Dog Plan 0-10 kg – £87.86
  • Medium Dog Plan 10-25kg – £68.50
  • Large Dog Plan 25-50kg – £88.86
  • Extra Large Dog Plan +50kg – £137.10
  • Cat Plan- £75.18
  • Rabbit – £53.59
  1. What does it include?

Included within the plan is your pets annual vaccination, kennel cough vaccine (dogs only), all year parasite control (flea and worm), testing of urine sample, 2x nail clip (dog & cat), 1 x nail clip (rabbit), 2x empty anal glands (dog & cats only), and a free 6 month check up with the nurse. Fly strike prevention clip & treatment (rabbits only). It also includes 10% off blood tests and grooming products.

  1. How do I pay?

Payment is taken via monthly direct debit.

  1. How much is it to set up?

If you choose to sign up the initial payment is taken here at the practice, there is also a £5 admin fee which is deducted from your first direct debit payment.

  1. Can I walk away with the products the day I sign up?

Absolutely. If you have an appointment with one of our vets you may take any parasite treatment etc you require there and then as well as having any vaccinations that may be due. If you come into the practice to sign up without your pet then there is just a 24hour wait for prescriptions to be processed and to be made available for you to collect.

  1. Are there options for flea and worm treatment?

We understand that everyone has their own preference over flea and worm treatment, be it that you prefer flea treatment in tablet form over pipette or that your pet is allergic to a certain worming tablet. That’s why the VIP plan entitles you to any of the parasite treatment we stock at no extra cost.

  1. How long do I sign up for?

If you decide to sign up to the VIP plan it is for a 12-month period.

(Contracts can be ceased in exceptional circumstances)

  1. Does it replace the need for insurance?

This is a commonly asked question and the answer is no, unfortunately not. The VIP plan is set up to save you money and spread the cost of your pets preventative care, it does not cover any additional or emergency veterinary treatment needed. We do suggest to all owners that you take out insurance for your pet and more information on this can be found on the ‘Pet Insurance’ page on our website.

  1. Can I choose the date the direct debit is set up for?

Yes, absolutely. This is a question you will be asked when you are filling out your paperwork at the practice and you can choose any day of the month that suits you.

  1. Can I have the 12 months of treatment to take away in one go?

The initial nail clip and emptying of the anal glands is usually done within the same appointment as your pets booster with the vet and the second can be at any time you choose with the nurse, perhaps to correspond with your 6-month health check. You may take advantage of the testing of the urine sample at any time you wish just call into the practice to collect a sample pot. However, the parasite treatment can only be dispensed every 3 months, not in one go. We will send you a text message reminder to let you know when your pet is due you must then call the surgery to order the relevant treatment on a 24-hour prescription. Alternatively, you may bring your pet in for an appointment with one of the nursing team to administer the treatment at no additional cost.

Testimonial by a VIP client.

Theo is a VIP member and his Mum very kindly wrote us this testimonial about her experience with the plan.

“This is a brilliant idea, we all love our pets but we all also worry about the cost of our general vet bills.. especially when you have a dog as large as mine, a 70kg Douge de Bordeaux! This service saves me almost £140 a year and being able to spread what I do have to pay over monthly instalments is just so much more convenient financially! Also another thing that’s great about this service is you don’t even need to worry or remember when your pet is due for flea and wormer or their boosters because you receive a text message to remind you, it’s just a brilliant service and idea! “