Other Services

Puppy Parties

The puppy parties are an ideal way to socialise your puppy and mix with other owners and hopefully iron out any problems you may be having. You also have the opportunity to speak to Joanne Owen who is a Registered Accredited Animal Behaviourist (ABTC) and trainer with the Association of Pet Dog Trainers UK  (01216). Joanne can discuss with you extending the socialisation process by attending the Manners & Motivation Course, giving your puppy the best possible start.

Dedicated Dog Ward

We have a dedicated dog ward where the majority of our canine visitors will benefit from staying in a walk in kennel. We feel this is nicer for the dogs rather than having to wrestle them into a kennel after an anaesthetic and also allows for more thorough monitoring as well.

Pain Management Services

We believe that animals in pain should be given pain relief but just like humans there are other alternatives. We are leading the way in North Wales as the first vets offering other services in our dedicated pain management clinics.

The initial consultation is thirty minutes and depending on what painful condition your animal has, we are able to offer heat therapy and  physiotherapy as alternatives. We also have our own branded neutraceutical supplements which can be given as a natural alternative therapy to mainstream medical pharmaceuticals.

X– Ray Facilities

We have digital xray and state of the art ultrasound machine to help us with diagnostics. We bought our digital xray from Agfa, an American company and they were so impressed with our set up they wrote an article for their website and blog about us